Training and knowledge are of essential importance in achieving the quality of our work. Correct tree pruning techniques depend on a workforce with good skills, the right attitude and with the appropriate level of training. Our staff have been made aware of the importance of correct pruning and their work is kept to a high standard.
Eagle Travel Tower Services operate under a fully documented Occupational Health & Safety System based on the Victorian WorkCover Safety Map and guidelines and Australian Standard AS/NZS4801. The Safety System documentation has been Second Party (independently) assessed against Safety Map and AS/NZS4801 by Quality Society of Australasia registered Auditors and is subject to six monthly internal audit requirements.

  • Tree Hazard and Health Reports.
  • Protection of trees on construction sites.
  • Hazard Assessment and Risk Management.
  • Auditing of Vegetation in an Electrical   Environment.
  • Auditing of local Government and Private Utilities Assets.
  • Tree Selection and Evaluation.
  • Servicing State and Local Government
          Authorities, Public and Private Corporations
          and Private landholders.
  • Preservation of Historical trees.
  • Hazardous Tree Removals, including confined
  • Pruning to Australian Standard AS4373, including
         Selective, Reduction, Formative Pruning as well as
         Deadwooding and Crown lifting.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service - eg. Storm Damage.
  • Transplanting mature trees.
  • Stump Removal.
  • Control of Environmental Weeds and Obstructive
          Vegetation (creek and riverside).
  • Hazard Reduction Cabling and Bracing Installation.
  • Root Intrusion and Protection Barrier Installation.
  • Licensed in Herbicide Application.
  • Hedge Trimming.
  • Plant and Equipment hire.
  • Management Services
  • Management and Maintenance of
          Vegetation near Electrical Hazards
          and other Utilities and Assets.
  • Management of trees in Public
         Spaces, Street scapes and Reserves.